Consulting & Contracting Activities

OGBA services include consulting and contracting activities:

The Consulting services are provided in the following manner:
Preparation of preliminary studies and planning.
Preparation of design drawings, specifications, bill of quantities and cost estimates.
Preparation of tender and contract documents.
Evaluation of tender bids.
Supervision of execution of works /  Control of equipment and material quality.
Certification of contractors payments.
Witness and plant testing and commissioning.
Performing handover activities.
Preparation of maintenance programs and spare parts lists.
Supervision of training of Client staff.

The Contracting activities are executed in the following sequence:

Preparation of work program and procedure.
Mobilization of labor, tools and installation equipments.
Preparation of temporary site facilities.
Procurement of materials.
Execution of work /  Testing and commissioning.
Preliminary handover of completed works.
Submittal of as built drawings, manuals and catalogs.
Maintenance during guarantee period.
Final handover of works.







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