Contracting Profile

OGBA Electrical Company., under the "OGBA" brand in the frame of “high-tech electromechanical building-construction systems” and "electrical - mechanical projects, engineering and contract services" offering various "structuring building" services; using "innovative project management" and "solution partner logic”, in offered projects fully compliant with customer priorities and optimal efficiency guaranteed at corporate level.

As a solution partner in various international completed projects, OGBA raising the value and quality of the big-scale projects engaged in using its distinctive engineering performance with its international perspective and experience. Completed projects by OGBA recently are; Turkey Karinca Logistic Center, , Russia MEGA IKEA shopping center, Uzbekhstan Westminster University,Russia UFG Asset Management Central Office, Russia Sminex Asset Management Central office, Turkey Swiss Hotel Outdoor Lighting works,Astana Vegetable store.OGBA is currently managing the following projects; Belaya Dacha Residences and Moskova Park shopping Center

In all these international projects, OGBA provided its services with no compromise from its “optimum budget and time” principle offering alternative project and cost solutions for the relative Project Management in all stages of “mobilization, purchasing, logistics, installation and commissioning.”

All OGBA employees, from Workers to General Manager, moving from the truth that they could not provide “customer satisfaction” without “their personal work satisfaction”, OGBA, provides continuous in-service education, raising the workshop standards in the frame of “total quality” and everyday moving forward in terms of occupational safety and health.








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