Our History

OGBA is a broad-based electromechanical engineering company based in Istanbul, Turkey, and active throughout the regions of the Middle East, Central Asia, and North Africa. Our company aims to be the best in its field of operation with its unsurpassed commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Throughout the region, OGBA development teams combine a strong professional experience and local knowledge base with a broad area coverage and strength of the group. OGBA has been seeking out construction and development opportunities and creatively finding ways of taking our clients’ potentials forward.

Aside from its HOME base, OGBA operates in carefully selected markets applying a distinctive, project-oriented approach tailored for the specifics of a given market, and invests in sustainability as well as quality and value. These international turnkey projects often require a close co-operation successfully proven over the years. OGBA has valuable experience in surpassing international standards beginning from the design stage. The same meticulous approach is upheld during supply, delivery, installation, and the commissioning of the electromechanical works.

As the ‘design & build’ way of contracting gets more common in the industry, OGBA becomes more competitive in creating alternative and cost-effective design concepts and combining them with technically innovative solutions. This new dimension adds value to quality rather than simply offering the lowest price. Our innovative design capabilities also give us an opportunity of building closer relationship with our clients.

We assume closer customer relations as a fundamental pillar of our integrated approach in order to eliminate confrontation and seek grounds for common benefit. Repeat orders are strong evidence of our success and our former and current clients and partners are our best representatives to our prospective clients to turn their projects into early and cost effective reality.

OGBA played a pioneering role in partnering - initially in the service sector but increasingly involving all our activities – where mutual risk and benefit sharing delivers improved results for the client and contractor alike.







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