Our Vision & Mission

Company management has constituted its policy covering the commitments of conformity to the requirements of the customers and the legislations, and published it as follows:

In order to maintain and protect the image of OGBA Electromechanical Engineerring in the sector, that holds the quality and customer satisfaction at foreplan and possesses a knowledge acumulation for rendering services in the field of electro – mechanic in HOME country and abroad adoption of the main policy of the continuous development of continuousy the effectiveness of the integrated management system which has been established for passing beyond the needs and expectations of the customer and enabling use of the available service capacity in a more effective manner.

OGBA, in its sector, adopted the principle of renewing itself for playing the pioneer role in commencing partnerships, sharing the risk of the owner and converting the contractor- subcontractor relationship into the understanding of customer partnership.

OGBA adopted the principle of preventing the environmental pollution, and accidents and diseases of the business which could be get through by its shareholders as workers being at the first place. In order to implement this principle, OGBA shall act in conformity with the legal and other types of requirements regarding to environmental and Work Health and Protection.

Our integrated management model is the most effective tool of ours in implementing our decisions and priciples. We undertake the continuous development by meeting the needs and expectations of our workers, suppliers, environmental and society in that we are living, as well as of our customers.











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